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ALSO I just think that this should be a downright good time. You're in love! You're fun! You're investing a lot, so it shouldn't feel like a chore or checklist item in your story. It should feel like an elevated date. It should feel like playing dress up with your best friend and a random lady that is nice to you (me).

It’s my privilege to preserve the beauty of your humanity.

I feel strongly that everyone can and should feel beautiful. I hate the idea that some are photogenic and others are not. Helping you feel like your truest and most beautiful self in your photos isn’t just something I do for a job - I do it because everyone deserves images that make them feel that way.

Not an image of perfection.
proof of presence. 

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There is a rawness in how I strive to experience life and I seek to capture that same rawness that exists within your relationship. In the same way, my silliness, obsession with cowboys and New York, and love my hometown (LOS ANGELES BABYYYYY) brings a rowdiness and sense of humor to how I express myself and would encourage you to express yourselves while we’re together.

I believe the integration of who I am with who you are makes my work unique. I’ll bring me. You’ll bring you. We’ll have ourselves a GRAND ol’ time.

Who I am plays an indescribable role in the photos I take. I live in a way that is deeply honest and bold. I would do anything for my family and friends. I am committed to giving them exactly who I am, even when it feels scary to be vulnerable. I'm also unashamed to say I'm just a good time. 

I tell you all of these things because these values carry into my work with you. 

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