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Rachel Artime is a wedding and elopement photographer who wants to preserve the beauty of your humanity. Everyone can and should feel beautiful. Helping you feel like your truest and most beautiful self in your wedding photos is not just a job - I do it because everyone deserves images that make them feel that way.
Intimate wedding in y0ur grandpa's backyard? Eloping along the coast? Want to get married in a short dress? I don't know you plans yet but I'm in. ily. 

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They love shots. We ate pancakes. The playlist was flawless. Zailey and Brandon met on a Wednesday so they call every Wednesday "BZ Day". They dance on tables and jump in oceans. I couldn't make it up if I tried. 

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Check back for they blog once wedding season is over (but is it ever really over???) COME BACK SOON!

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A flash guide dedicated to those who want to build their portfolios, create magic on the dance floor, and curate a editorial flash feel that aligns with their brand and business.


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   Rachel turned us dorks into hip, photogenic creatures while also helping us to reflect our authentic personalities.
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Based in Los Angeles, California but willing to travel anywhere.