Ace Hotel, Palm Springs Wedding


There is nothing more magical than a March wedding in Palm Springs. The desert in the spring is perfect for any wedding ceremony. The air is cool, the sun is shining, and Palm Springs offers some of the most stunning natural views, ESPECIALLY at the Ace Hotel. The hotel is nestled right at the foot of the mountains, which creates a perfect backdrop for every photo. (The Ace Suite is the best getting ready room for your wedding day. You’re welcome).

The Ace Hotel is a perfect desert getaway. The boutique hotel offers rooms that your family and friends can stay at, a pool to relax and tan by, and has one of the best murals in the desert! The Ace is perfect for any wedding! My favorite aspects of the space is the marquee sign that every couple gets to use, and the black and white photo booth. Each brings its own flair of fun and the perfect desert vintage vibe. 

Steve and Michael’s wedding was nothing short of just that — vibey and SO fashionable! Their wedding was the epitome of chill, colorful and FUN. They had everyone wear vibrant and colorful outfits, and it made every photo look 10x BETTER. Steve and Michael got ready together, and instead of a bridal party, they opted to take photos with all their friends. What really stood out about their ceremony was when they walked down the aisle together *cue the tears* All the flowers for the day were taken from their own garden, and each table setting came with a grapefruit ALSO from their garden.

The grooms felt it was most important that everyone feel welcomed, taken care of, and comfortable. They made sure to spend as much time as possible mingling with their guests before the sun went down and the party REALLY STARTED. 

What was your favorite moment from the wedding day?

“The quiet moment before we entered the venue and walked down the aisle.”

What did you LOVE about your wedding venue/location? I’m dying to know

Loved that it felt like a campus. There were events and moments all throughout the Hotel.”

GROOM DESIGNER / BRAND: Sandro SHOES / Bottega Veneta VENUE / The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER / Rachel Artime Photo

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