"We were lucky enough to have worked with Rachel for our engagement shoot, 9 months before our wedding this past year. Both my husband and I cannot speak highly enough about our experiences with Rachel. Being a couple that had zero experience with photoshoots, we went into it feeling nervous and extremely awkward, haha. Within 10 minutes of meeting Rachel, we knew that we'd have a good time with her. The shoot was a breeze, and we were so surprised with how natural and "us" our photos were. She made the whole process so fun, almost like we were just a couple of friends hanging out. At no point did we regret standing in the middle of Lake Powell in the middle of a snow storm! As a bride, I was so confident in what Rachel would capture and did not even feel the need to provide her with a "shot-list" that most brides have. I have to say this was a huge relief, and one less thing that I had to think about throughout the day. She just gets it. She sees the vision. How she operates solo is one of life's greatest mysteries. Rachel completely nailed our wedding day photography. She managed to capture everything from the raw emotions, every single decorative detail, happy tears, sad tears, hilarious speech reactions, and the insanity on our dance floor. Everything was so perfect, and the photos truly mirror the feelings and emotions that were in that room. Our wedding party, and family members alike went out of their way to comment on how awesome Rachel's energy was, and how efficiently she worked through our day. We actually had multiple guests come up to us to tell us how cool our photographer was. We replied, duh! Fast forward to the post-wedding blues, and we can no longer count how many times we've sat and stared at our photos. After 3 weeks straight, they just get better and better. It comes as no surprise that we’re completely over the moon with our gallery. Narrowing down the sections for print and social media sharing has been one of the harder tasks I've had as a bride in 2022, and that says a lot! We are forever grateful for you, Rachel Artime. Thank you for capturing truly the best moments of our lives, and having an absolute time while doing it! We LOVE you! " - Emma and Box

praise & kindness | Client REviews

"Rachel was an absolute dream to work with, and we were lucky enough to have her shoot our engagement photos and wedding day. When we stumbled upon her work on Instagram, we instantly knew we HAD to work with her. Her photos are so full of life, spontaneous, and capture the “in-between” moments you don’t normally see with wedding photographers. Before the engagement session, Rachel met with us to see what kind of story we wanted to tell with the photos. She helped choose a location, time of day, and even went through some outfits with us. She was the ultimate hype-woman and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. We were nervous and shy when it came to displaying our affection, but after some warming up and Rachel’s gentle guidance, we had such a blast, and our hearts were bursting with joy by the end of the shoot. For the wedding day, Rachel was a rockstar. She worked with us a couple weekends before to get a shot list, which included huge family group photos. This entailed getting 60+ people organized into a small space. Rachel was so calm despite how chaotic it was to gather everyone together. Even after our ceremony when family members were swarming us to get photos, she was relaxed and diverted people away to ensure we had moments to collect ourselves. The thing we love about Rachel: She made everything FUN! She turned any nervousness into excitement. The way Rachel is able to capture the feeling of the moment is truly a GIFT and it’s something that we will be able to cherish forever!"- Amanda and Jason

"Rachel was exactly what we were looking for and more. I guess I will start with our engagement shoot, which I was extremely nervous going into. I have never enjoyed getting my picture taken and the thought of doing so for a couple of hours with my then fiancé, now wife, was an intimidating thought. Especially because I knew these photos were supposed to be filled with joy and romance and the thought of a stranger taking my picture wasn't joyful or romantic in my mind. My apprehension dissolved within the first 5 minutes of meeting Rachel. She started our engagement session by chatting with us and getting us comfortable. Explaining the process and taking a lot of the fear out of it for me. "This is supposed to be fun", she said. And it absolutely was. Her direction throughout our shoot was clear, kind, and helpful. She made me feel confident. Never once did I feel awkward or unsure of myself because of how much fun we were having - it was clear that Rachel was a master of curating fun and capturing that natural happiness. How could you not look good? It all seemed very natural while also feeling very organized. Her unique blend of casual fun and natural direction resulted in exactly what any couple wants: a fun day that yields memorable and beautiful photos. We loved our engagement photo shoot so much that after just a couple hours with Rachel we decided to ask her to shoot our wedding day. In Spain. Yes, we loved her so much that we asked her to fly across the globe to be with us on our most special day. Our experience with her was just that incredible. The wedding photos and experience were exactly what we hoped it would be. Fun, relaxed, natural. She was able to capture the day perfectly, yet I hardly recall a “photographer” there. She blended in with our friends and family as if she had known us for our entire life. In an effort to avoid staged photos and have her focus on capturing the day naturally, we attempted to scrap the bridal party photos completely and only do a few family photos. Rachel promised an east, quick and fun bridal party set, and those photos ended up being some of our favorites from the entire album. Again, her organized and clear direction took a situation that can typically be stressful and messy and made it feel like a piece of cake. Plus, everyone had so much fun. I cant stress enough how unique it is to find someone that can both be organized AND fun during a wedding (especially with a fairly rowdy and unruly bridal party). It went flawlessly. Rachel was the ideal photographer for us. Her aesthetic, personality, attention to detail and directional skills aligned perfectly with what we were looking for on both our engagement shoot and wedding weekend. If you decide to hire her, there is no doubt you will fall in love with her and your photos the same way we did." - Rita and Jamey

"Firstly, we are soooo elated with our wedding photos, we can't believe that they're ours! Picking out which ones to blow up and put on the wall in our home has been extremely difficult because of this. I love ALL OF THEM! You have no idea how many family members have said they look like they belong in a magazine—and we agree ;) Rachel was able to so clearly capture the love, the fun and overall feel of our wedding and it makes us so happy to think that we'll be able to relive those feelings whenever we look at our photos. Working with Rachel was also a breeze. The day goes by so quickly and it seems like you don't get enough time for photos. Or you worry that you blinked and made a stupid face in too many shots. However, in the time that we did have, she was able to get amazing photos during every moment throughout the day. I'd go through the stress of wedding planning again and again if it meant I could have Rachel photograph it. 100%." - Karlie and Kenny

"We literally planned our wedding date around Rachel’s availability. She is phenomenal. It is obvious that her work is extremely special- she is a pioneer of the flash photography trend and we feel so lucky to have had her to capture our wedding day. She takes great care to capture moments rather than staged portraits and this was extremely important to us to remember the sentimental aspects of our day. Rachel was worth every penny and more. Every photo is a framer!“ - Anna and Jeff

“There are not enough words to accurately describe how grateful I am to have found Rachel. We did not reach out to or speak with any other photographers and after working with her for our engagement and wedding I can safely say we wouldn’t change a dang thing. Rachel is so kind, genuine, and easy to be around (even when you’re awkward and have no idea what you’re doing in front of a camera). Hire her hire her hire her, she is made of pure magic. We love you Rachel!” -Olivia and Alex

"Rachel is the coolest! She is such a talented and phenomenal photographer but also so fun to hang out with. She made being in front of the camera feel so comfortable and easy and I've never been so happy with a photograph of myself in my life. She perfectly captured our love! Everyone we show our photos to say they are the best engagement photos they have ever seen. Her style is so beautiful and unique and we are so excited to have Rachel photograph our wedding as well! 5 stars! Highly recommend! Rachel is THE BEST!" - Annie and Paul

"UMMM where do I even start?!?! Orrrrr Stop?!? LOL my fiancé and I are over the moon with Rachel - from start to finish she has made this experience something we’ll cherish forever.  We didn’t know what to expect, neither of us had ever done a photo shoot. She was so detailed, patient, helped us think of shooting locations, giving advice on outfits, huge on communicating, and just the absolute BEST. We felt so comfortable and natural with her. She also made it so FUN. Wedding planning can be so stressful at times and this was one of the greatest highlights. I am so picky and never really like photos of myself and when Rachel sent us our shoot…… I was IN LOVEE, I seriously can’t stop staring at them and gushing!!!!!! BOOK RACHEL. Don’t sit on this - she is sooo beyond talented. One in a million. I truly don’t think there’s anyone that captures love the way she does!  THANK YOU RACHEL.” -Chloe and Alex