"I finally finished going through all of the pics and I’m blown away! Thank you, Rachel, so much for immortalizing our love, joy, and beauty. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that for us."

“We are literally over here in tears. Rachel captured our love in the most beautiful way.”

Brooke and Adam
Canon beach, oregon

praise & kindness | Client REviews

Rachel was so easy to work with and most importantly, we were in awe of the photos she delivered. We don't love the trendy big flair of the wedding industry. We wanted a photographer who understood that, and whose style was classic, time-less, subtle, natural, and expressive. Rachel's photos were all of the above!

“ She is truly an artist; her style is elegant and truly unique. We are so so in love with the work she did for us. ”

Skyler and Nate
Newport beach

Her photos bring waves of nostalgia and looking back on our galleries it felt like we were living through the moment all over again. She has the unique ability to take timeless and classic shots without the boring "wedding photos" look.

“ Her ability to make you feel comfortable and also make you look like a super model doesn't make sense to me but somehow she does it.”

Alex & Logan
Lake tahoe

The photos exceeded our expectations for quality and authenticity and we're so glad to finally have a gallery or photos that really captures us in such a beautiful way. We actually look like we knew what we were doing!

“Our experience with Rachel was loads of fun and we felt so comfortable being ourselves the entire time.”

Ava and Alex
Malibu, CA

I had seen Rachel's other photos and thought, "Okay, there's no way we'll look that good because everyone she photographs look like models. And we're not that cool." But lo and behold, Rachel even turned us dorks into hip, photogenic creatures while also helping us to reflect our authentic personalities. Like, our photos look SO good.

“ If you have the chance to take photos with Rachel, DO IT. You won't regret it. She's amazing at what she does. ”

Cam and Doug
Santa barbara