Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Chic Wedding



When Emma and Box decided to have their wedding in an airport hangar in Scottsdale, Arizona, they envisioned a chic and editorial event with sunny skies. However, Mother Nature had other plans and a storm passed through on their big day, causing the ceremony space to blow away and the reception to move indoors.

But the couple and their guests were not deterred by the unexpected rain and wind. The indoor space they originally wanted to avoid (because it was red FLOOR TO CEILING) turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a glamorous and unforgettable reception.

The red walls of the room provided a bold contrast to the designer attire of the guests. The speeches were also a highlight, with both heartfelt and hilarious anecdotes that had everyone laughing out loud. Even me which is saying something. And as the night went on, the party got rowdier and the love in the room became more palpable.

Emma and Box’s wedding was a true testament to the power of resilience and the ability to make the best out of any situation. Despite the weather and the last-minute change of plans, they and their guests were able to create an unforgettable event that was filled with love, laughter, and designer 😉

For the wedding, Emma wore a Danielle Frankel Studio dress. She went with the Noa dress which is a wilted, long sleeve, off the shoulder, silk wool gown. For Emma’s second look, she came out all guns blazing in a sparkly New Arrivals Co dress called the Princes’ Pearl dress.

The Planners, Details Darling, knocked it out of the park with their etherial, minimalistic design. Utilizing dried plants to complement the desert aesthetic of Scottsdale, Arizona.

In conclusion, I wish I could attend that wedding every weekend for the rest of my life. Duh.

Scottsdale, Arizona wedding vendors:

Lead planner: Alessandra Brontsema of Details Darling

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Bec & Bridge

Groom Designer: Harry Rosen

Bridal Hair + Makeup: Ashley Wagner

Florist: WYLD ROOT

Wedding Caterer: M Culinary

Invasions and Stationary: Shop Sobriquet Chloe Brudere and Wild House Ink

Wedding DJ: DJ Ricky Barrera

What was your favorite moment from the wedding day?

“too hard to narrow down – the speeches, and the dancefloor!”

What did you LOVE about your wedding venue/location? I’m dying to know?

“the runway and the jets! loved all of the concrete, and minimal backdrops for photos.”

What would you have changed about your wedding?

“…..the god damn weather. lol! but honestly, aside from weather and slight hair/make up hiccups, we would not have changed one thing about our day. even though we had to majorly pivot, the aesthetic was the only factor that did not live up to our (emma’s) vision. i loved being able to have complete trust in you and just letting you do your thing. you captured the best moments of our day, and we didn’t doubt that for one second. such a huge relief on an already stressful day.

Rachel, you did an INCREDIBLE job of capturing every detail as close to what it “would have been”, and i am forever grateful for you for going out of your way to get those shots for me. what red????? tbh the red looked so good for the dance floor photos, and we’re so obsessed with them!! been circulating the group chats for weeks!”


THE REVIEW: “We were lucky enough to have worked with Rachel for our engagement shoot, 9 months before our wedding this past year. Both my husband and I cannot speak highly enough about our experiences with Rachel. Being a couple that had zero experience with photoshoots, we went into it feeling nervous and extremely awkward, haha. Within 10 minutes of meeting Rachel, we knew that we’d have a good time with her. The shoot was a breeze, and we were so surprised with how natural and “us” our photos were. She made the whole process so fun, almost like we were just a couple of friends hanging out. At no point did we regret standing in the middle of Lake Powell in the middle of a snow storm! As a bride, I was so confident in what Rachel would capture and did not even feel the need to provide her with a “shot-list” that most brides have. I have to say this was a huge relief, and one less thing that I had to think about throughout the day. She just gets it. She sees the vision. How she operates solo is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Rachel completely nailed our wedding day photography. She managed to capture everything from the raw emotions, every single decorative detail, happy tears, sad tears, hilarious speech reactions, and the insanity on our dance floor. Everything was so perfect, and the photos truly mirror the feelings and emotions that were in that room. Our wedding party, and family members alike went out of their way to comment on how awesome Rachel’s energy was, and how efficiently she worked through our day. We actually had multiple guests come up to us to tell us how cool our photographer was. We replied, duh! Fast forward to the post-wedding blues, and we can no longer count how many times we’ve sat and stared at our photos. After 3 weeks straight, they just get better and better. It comes as no surprise that we’re completely over the moon with our gallery. Narrowing down the sections for print and social media sharing has been one of the harder tasks I’ve had as a bride in 2022, and that says a lot! We are forever grateful for you, Rachel Artime. Thank you for capturing truly the best moments of our lives, and having an absolute time while doing it! We LOVE you! 🤍🤍”

with love,
rachel artime

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