Lake Powell, Arizona Engagement Photos


Emma and Box chose Lake Powell for their engagement session for the yummy colors and vast landscape. Emma already dresses in all neutrals so pairing her stylish fits with a natural backdrop was a MUST.

Lake Powell is HUGE and has two sides. For our engagement session, we stayed on the Arizona side of the lake. We went during winter so no one was around. Great for engagement photos but not so great for your freezing couple.

If you are looking for locations to shoot at in Lake Powell, here is what we did…

We started our engagement shoot at Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe bend is definitely STUNNING but there are large crowds. We had to be strategic with how and where we shot our photos to avoid people in the background. Also, make sure your couple is comfortable in front of the camera because they will be modeling with hundreds of people around them (yes, even in the winter). The walk from the parking lot to Horseshoe bend is around 10 minutes. Make sure you wear comfy shoes and then change for the photos once you arrive. For our engagement session at Horseshoe bend, we only stayed for 20 minutes. With the walk-in and out, plus the drive to our next location, the whole thing took about an hour. I’d say WORTH IT.

Next we headed to some colorful rocks. We pulled off to the right of the road RIGHT before the Lake Powell dam. To get there you go down a dirt road for about 4 minutes and end in a dirt parking lot. You can see the parking lot from the third location (Wahweap Overlook). This spot allows you to climb anywhere you want. You can get all the way down to the water if you’d like. This rock spot provides different colors and textures as you explore around. I let the landscape do all the inspiring. I was oo-ing and aw-ing around every climb!

Next, we made our way across the Lake Powell dam and ended at Wahweap Overlook. The Wahweap Overlook is THE PERFECT spot for sunset. You can drive right up to it and pull your car off and park. I stopped one turn out early for our photos. I found the views to be better and less crowded. It’s literally just a little dirt turn-off to your right. You can climb down and get closer to the water, but since we already did that at our last spot, we stayed up at the turnout. The Wahweap Overlook allows for vast views and a dreamy blue color during the winter. Since it was cloudy we never saw the sun, but I think it turned out so dreamy and romantic.

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Lake Powell Winter Engagement Photo location ideas

Lake Powell, I love you.

with love,
rachel artime

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